What is holding you back (5 is yes - 1 is no)

Do you have an unfavorable hereditary background (i.e. handicaps)? *

Do you lack a well-defined purpose in life or a definite goal? *

Do you have a lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity? *

Do you have insufficient education? *

Do you lack self-discipline? *

Do you suffer from ill health (due to overeating/negativity/little exercise etc) *

Did you have unfavorable environmental influences during your childhood *

Do you procrastinate a lot? *

Do you have a lack of persistence (hard to finish things)? *

Would you discribe your personality as negative? *

Do you have a lack of controlled sexual urge? *

Do you have a desire for "something for free"? *

Do you have a lack of a well-defined power of decision? *

Do you have one or more of the six basic fears (i.e. fear for death/financial security/ill health/loss of loved ones/old age/critism) *

Do you think you have a wrong selection of a mate in marriage *

Are you over cautious (i.e. avoid risks) *

Do you have a wrong selection of your business partners *

Are you superstitious or prejudice? *

Do you enjoy your job/occupation? *

Do you feel like you have a lack of concentration or effort? *

Do you spend more than you earn? *

Are you lacking enthusiasm? *

Are you intolerant to people of different ethnic/political/religious backgrounds?

Do you use a lot of alcohol/drugs or other overindulgence? *

Are you unable to work well with other people? *

Did you posses and use power that you didn't earn and work for yourself? *

Are you intentionally dishonest? *

Are you egotistic and/or vain? *

Do you guesstimate or base things on assumption often? *

Do you lack capital? *

Anything else not listed before that stands in your way...

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